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Proverbs 22:6

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Providing aid especially to children, students and adults needing assistance to maintain a balanced sense of health, education and well-being.

The ministry has a global focus and has impacted schools in Jamaica [Chepstowe Basic School], West Indies [Charagape Prepratory School] and Haiti [Venite Christian School].

Gifts of benevolence, have also been extended to many service agencies in places such as Rhodesia, Africa, Haiti, the Caribbean Islands and the United States. Each is then able to purchase food, water, clothing, shelter and health care necessities for those in need.

Donations have also gone to churches, missions and learning and enrichment centers within the USA that provide missions help. These gifts assist with the purchase of computers, books, supplies and other useful resources.

F&H Martin Ministry International is a non-profit 501[c][3] organization.

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